My work is an attempt to explore images by removing the pictorial narrative and moving wholly into pictorial space, an area visited by, not only the painter but also the architect, sculptor, composer and dance choreographer.

Most of my work is thematic and produced in series or editions bearing the same title. The work is developed from a number of different sources, contrast, duality, history, literature, mythology, poetry, love of colour/texture and structure. These elements combined with the selectivity of memory and the activity of painting produce the final image.

The collection of the source information is done in sketchbooks where the themes first appear. It often takes up to a year or longer for the themes to be fully assimilated and begin to appear in finished works.

They are works of a non-figurative nature, so allow your imagination to explore and make a fresh interpretation in order to discover a world of colour and structure in the same way that you would listen to a piece of music.

Leaving any preconceptions behind, endeavour to approach these works with an open mind.

“Often using mathematical equations and musical notations to define the perimeters of his motifs, Bishop has evolved a series of relevant gestural marks, whose immediacy, coupled with the almost impersonal nature of his static forms, challenges the spectator to balance for himself tension and repose.”

Anatol Orient